With extensive aerospace drafting experience, Kanen produces reliable and clean drawings according to ANSI Y14.1 and Y14.5 standards.


In addition to standard engineering drawings, Kanen can provide your facilities with shop aid drawings and instructions to meet all customer requirements. 

It is very important to Kanen Inc that all drawings be very organized and easy to read.  Drawings are very detail oriented tools and each of those details matters, which is why no drawing is released without a thorough check.  Kanen’s expert knowledge of GD&T will ensure your tools and parts are produced to be within acceptable tolerances, while also providing a clear direction for your inspection team.



Kanen Drafting Experience:

  • Large multi-sheet assembly tool drawings
  • Complex aircraft detail part drawings
  • Customized drawing borders
  • Customer specific drawing standards
  • Process specification drawings
  • Boeing style drawings