Kanen creates 3-5 axis mill and lathe CNC programs for a variety of aircraft parts and materials.

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Every CNC program that Kanen delivers is written to be both efficient and accurate.  Part of Kanen’s programming style is to make sure all operations of a CNC program are communicated clearly to the operator and manufacturing engineer.  This means that all operations and steps are labeled in the CNC program to convey intent and correctly prompts the operator for any necessary actions.  Kanen works closely with your manufacturing team to provide setup documentation according to your standards and ways of doing business.  We strive to earn your trust in providing expert CNC programs that work the first time.



Materials Programmed:

  • Titanium, Aluminum, Steel Alloys, Sheet metal 
  • Composite Sandwich Panels 
  • Solid Carbon Fiber, Phenolic 
  • Soft tooling: tooling foam, MDF, high temp foam 
  • Polycarbonate, UHMWPE, Acrylic